We've moved!
femalephotofun.com was the model recruitment website for abbywinters.com. In October 2022 we relocated to modelfor.abbywinters.com. Same people, same company same information - just at a different web address.

Go to modelfor.abbywinters.com

Why the change?
We made this change for two reasons.

First, the word "female" has been co-opted by the disgusting hate-based "incel" movement (more info). Of course, the word "female" has a neutral meaning too, but we want nothing to do with "incels", and we don't want prospective models assuming we support their ideas or are associated with them because of the name of our site.

Second, some of our existing models described how they were confused that abbywinters.com (the company) used a website with a different name (femalephotofun when recruiting models.

It's time to clear that up - part of our commitment to communicate with prospective models so they can make an informed decision.